About Us

Who We Are

In today's world as we now know it, so many people are finding it harder to take care of their families (and that includes their fur, fin, scaled or feathered family members as well).  So that's where we step in with A & J's Animal Food Bank for Monroe County, PA in Stroudsburg and as we said before there are no other Animal Food Banks in Stroudsburg or it's surrounding area. 

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to be able to help our beloved family pet(s) in their already forever homes here in Monroe County PA because as we all know our local Shelters and Rescues are too overcrowded today & if we can help keep even one or two family pets out of those facilities and stay with the family they know and love we have accomplished what we have set out to do -- Helping to feed animals in Monroe County one pet at a time -- 

What's Happening this Month.

It's Spring and there are more than flowers blooming!!

It's finally Spring and as we all know there are more than just flowers blooming.  Every year Spring signifies a new beginning.  Flowers bloom, grass begins to grow, new babies begin to arrive.  And arrive, and arrive, and arrive!!  Puppies and kittens are born all year but they seem to arrive at this time of year.  Shelters and Rescues alike seem to become overrun with abandoned cats and their kittens are being abandoned OR Owner surrendered.  Our Food Bank is struggling right now due to the influx of cats and kittens and because of this problem we are in desperate need of Cat and Kitten food, Cat Litter, Litter Pans and Liners and Cat Treats.  

So won't you please consider making a donation (either Monetary or physical) to us to help keep those pets who already have a loving and caring family where they belong.  WITH THEIR FAMILIES!!!  

Thank you!!

A new Chapter is about to begin!!

It's with great sadness that I announce the passing of our sweet soon to be 11 year old Sapphire on February 2, 2018.  We rescued her in November 2014 at the age of 7.  She was abandoned at the Center for Animal Health & Welfare in Easton, PA on her 7th birthday October 9th.  She became such a sweet addition to our family in absolutely no time and is greatly missed.  Because she was such a sweet dog I want her loving legacy to continue and so I have started a new chapter of our Food Bank.  It's called "Sapphires Project of Love".  What we want to do is work with the Homeless population in the Stroudsburg area so we are beginning to collect a number of items that we can distribute to them.  If a homeless person(s) have a dog or cat that pet is the main reason that person(s) get up every single day of their life.  Many of their pets are older ones who have been with them for many years.  We are collecting backpacks, Yoga type mats, collapsible water and food bowls, collars, leashes, coats and sweaters so we can give each person a backpack filled with those items they can use to help keep their pets happy, healthier and safer. 

Please feel free to contact us through our Contact Us section here to find out the ways that you can donate these needed items.  Every pet needs to know that they are loved and this will make that just a little easier for those who have no permanent home right now.